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Jensen Heating and Air has been taking care of HVAC Systems and their customers for the past 35 years.


Jensen Heating and Air Conditioner

Jensen Heating and Air is owned and operated by Joe Jensen and is a family run business. With the help of his sons and wife, they help make Jensen Heating and Air a well HVAC service company for each and every customer in the Metro-Atlanta area. Jensen Heating and Air believes in honesty, fairness, professionalism, and perfect service. They aim to deliver the best HVAC service in Georgia. Giving customers a wonderful experience- fixing issues quickly and being honest about every issue. 

Jensen Heating and Air will not try to oversell or add additional unwanted equipment for HVAC systems. Jensen believes in honesty and keeping loyalty to each and every customer.

100 % Honest


We, at Jensen Heating and Air, are proud to announce that we maintain fairness and honesty with all our customers. We want each customer to know their system's issue, how to resolve the issue, and exactly what the cost is before anything is started. Jensen Heating and Air wants to maintain loyalty and integrity with each and every customer because that is what  maintains relationships and customers.


Heating and Air
Done Honest!

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